Meet our ‘Lamb Legends’. We invite iconic Aussie chefs to cook their favourite Lamb dish for local legends. Delicious Lamb shared over a yarn with some of Australia’s most deserving heroes. Tune in and Share the Lamb.

Lamb Legends: Hayden and Jimmy


“We’re the sunburnt country so to be able to spread that word about getting skin checks... is pretty amazing.”

Hayden Quinn, Aussie Cook & TV Presenter

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"I hope that whoever watches this... is inspired to try a new Lamb dish and get a skin check, it could save your life."

Jimmy Niggles, Beard Season Founder

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Lamb Legends: Darren and Pete


"Pete is definitely a legend, he’s... making genuine change to the environment around us. It’s amazing."

Darren Robertson, Chef & Three Blue Ducks Owner

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“Seeing the plastics in the water inspired us to the simple act of putting a garbage bin in the water.”

Pete Ceglinski, Seabin Project Founder

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Lamb Legends: Dan and Shaun


“I grew up pretty much living the Aussie life... we would eat Lamb quite a lot but my mum would do her own take on Lamb.” 

Dan Hong, Executive Chef

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“When you share something, you’re equal, there [are] no barriers anymore, there’s no divide.”

Shaun Christie-David, Colombo Social Co-Founder

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