Six secrets to buying lamb

Know what to look for when shopping for lamb with these expert butcher tips.

What you need to know

It's all about the cut

Be guided by the lamb cut and weight recommended in your recipe. 
Need advice on the best cut for your meal? Ask your butcher or download our handy Meat Cuts App. Available for free on Apple App store and Google Play. 

Give it the once over

Freshly cut lamb should be a dark cherry-red colour. 

Be quality confident

Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grades lamb to make sure you tuck into tender, juicy and tasty meat every time. Look for the ‘Meat Standards Australia Graded’ stamp on lamb packaging for trusted quality.

Thrifty cuts are in!

Lesser-known cuts like ribs are easy on the pocket, full-flavoured and worthy of their slow-cooking hype. Give them a tasty whirl.
Lamb mince is another economic cut. Think crowd-pleasing shepherd’s pie, moussaka, burgers and more.

Check pre-packed lamb 

You’re looking for a fair use-by date and packs that are well-chilled, undamaged and properly sealed so the juices can’t escape.

Don't cook lamb in the car

It sure gets hot here. So take an insulated cooler if you live more than half an hour from the shops. Buy lamb last and keep it chilled on the journey home.