Spicy Thai lamb and noodle salad

  • Serves 4
  • Prep Time 15 mins
  • Cooking Time 15mins
Spicy Thai lamb and noodle salad


  • Serves 4
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  1. Lightly spray a char-grill pan with oil and heat over medium-high heat. Season lamb and cook for 2-3 minutes each side or until cooked to your liking. Set aside on a plate loosely covered with foil to rest for 5 minutes. Thinly slice.
  2. Prepare noodles according to packet instructions. Drain well. Transfer to a large bowl. Add lamb, onion, snow peas, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and herbs.
  3. In a medium jug whisk lime juice, sweet chilli sauce, oil, soy and fish sauces. Add ¾ of dressing to salad. Toss to combine.
  4. To serve, place noodles on a large platter. Top with lamb salad. Serve sprinkled with cashews, chilli and snow pea sprouts with extra dressing on the side.


  1. You can use lamb fillets, backstrap or lamb leg steaks instead of rump steaks.
  2. Use long red or green chillies for less heat.
  3. Add extra vegetables, if desired – such as thinly sliced capsicum or carrot.